About Us

What We Offer

To promote the growth of all types of facial hair, resident of Louisiana or not. 
Visit our store at http://www.louisianabeard.storenvy.com/

Founded by Jason P. Leonard, the Louisiana Beard & Facial Hair Association, LLC (LBFHA) seeks to promote the growth of all types of facial hair, and to give back to our community through charitable donations or volunteering. It is open to anyone, resident of Louisiana or not.

To join is simple: Grow it! Or simply support someone who does. Anyone can join, from men, women, children, and small woodland creatures.Our goal is to grow large enough to give back to local charities and organizations. 

We have meet & greets at local restaurants, bars, and other social events. Here we meet new friends, and share the love of facial hair.We sell shirts and stickers, as well as other items. 
You can find us at http://www.louisianabeard.com/ and on Twitter athttps://www.twitter.louisianabeard

All media/press and general questions should be directed to Jason P. Leonard at louisianabeard@gmail.com
We have donated to the following charities/organizations:
Healing House http://www.healing-house.org/
Cite des Arts: http://citedesarts.org/
Louisiana Modified Dolls https://www.facebook.com/LouisianaTMD
City of Lafayette Adopt-A-Road Program (E. & W. Vermilion St.)

Beard & Facial Hair Advice
Regardless of what you wear on your face, we can help you with production information, advice, & putting you in touch with the experts.


Community Support
actively give back to our community, state wide, & local charities.


Beard & Mustache Accessories
Beards and moustaches
are in. We will make sure your burly friend is tamed and styled to look better than ever. Our line of beard oils, mustache wax, & beard balm will do the trick.

10 Things About Us​
1) WE exist
2) WE fight the good fight to keep ALL facial hair in the norm
3) WE provide advice and support for growing and maintaining facial hair
4) WE provide products to keep said hair healthy and looking good
5) WE hold competitions to bring together like minded and like-faced people
6) WE give back to the community and local charities
7) WE got a cool logo
8) WE can clog a sink faster than anyone
9) WE welcome females who love facial hair and who like to create faux facial hair and compete in our competitions
​10) WE simply love you...in a plutonic way of course